The primary “E” in our PEACE pact represents consider all policing associated contracts, insurance policies, and cultural norms. Reforming policing on the bottom requires reform and revision of the multi-layers of legal guidelines, contracts and cultural norms that regulate native policing. Amongst different issues, we advocate analysis, revision, or renegotiation of collective bargaining agreements, codes of conduct, regulation enforcement officers’ payments of rights, and non-crime associated policing capabilities corresponding to social work and psychological well being help.

Black mayors are placing this into apply. Final yr, in June, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued executive orders requiring officers to make use of de-escalation methods earlier than they use deadly pressure. Officers should additionally intervene if fellow officers use extreme pressure. […]





“[O]ffenses like disorderly conduct, obstruction, and resisting arrest are simply alleged, they successfully give police the ability to arrest primarily based on violations of their very own sense of authority.”
          ~~Alexandra Natapoff, Punishment With out Crime: How Our Huge Misdemeanor System Traps the Harmless and Makes America Extra Unequal (


On this date at Each day Kos in 2006—Prolong Debate on Alito:

t appears clear to me that the importance of Alito’s views on government energy, entry to the courts, civil liberties, the correct to privateness, the federal Commerce energy, and a myriad of different points, is just now coming into correct focus. Extra time is required for the Senate to correctly perform its Constitutional operate of recommendation and consent.

An appointment to the Supreme Court docket is for a lifetime. Samuel Alito is 55 years outdated and, like Justice O’Connor, is more likely to sit on the Court docket for 1 / 4 century if confirmed.

Given the stakes, a further interval of consideration and debate appears acceptable. The size of this extra interval needn’t essentially be lengthy nor the controversy protracted. It appears to me that with a reasonably transient interval of consideration, the members of the Senate can chart a course for acceptable motion relating to Decide Alito.

Thus, I urge the Senate, and particularly the Senators of the Democratic Caucus, to think about transferring for prolonged debate to additional think about the nomination of Decide Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court docket.