Gutter shield offers value to a home in ways that many property owners don’t realise.

For homeowners who have the luxury of spending money on home renovations, the installation of a gutter shield Adelaide is not, by any means, a priority. But according to Scott Carter of Home Expert Adelaide, a home renovation contractor in South Australia, installing a gutter shield is the best way to extend the life of your gutter and make it last for years.

He explained how gutters work and why they need protection, “Gutters, like all external parts of a home, are exposed to various elements. They’re also prone to a lot of debris which gets accumulated over time and can affect their performance. A gutter shield helps protect them from these harmful agents.”

He added that the main purpose of a gutter shield Adelaide is not only to prevent clogs but also to extend the life of your gutter by protecting it from water erosion or rust.

A gutter protector is typically installed in two ways: through a foam strip or a foam insert into the gutter system. When using a foam strip, homeowners can cut and fit it along the base of their gutters. A foamed insert is installed after the gutters have been put in place and are used to cover the sides of your gutters.

According to Scott Carter, a foamed insert is typically better than a foam strip because it provides more coverage, thus allowing you to get the most out of your gutter protector. He explains that while a foam strip covers around 60% of a gutter’s front, the foamed insert covers 60% of its sides.

Aside from protecting your gutters from clogs and water erosion, Scott Carter also noted that installing a gutter protector can be beneficial in other ways. One is that it gives you more time to clean your gutters without worrying about the harmful effects of water erosion. Another is that installing a foam insert can help prevent the growth of plants and roots in your gutter system, which may cause clogging.

“Homeowners often think that improving their home’s exterior doesn’t have to be a big deal,” said Scott Carter. “But when it comes to maintaining its performance, any exterior part of your home needs to be taken seriously. For example, homeowners need to invest in a gutter protector that can help protect their gutters from outside elements.”

Gutter protection comes in many forms, so there’s no reason not to get one for your home. However, if you’re wondering what type of gutter protector is best, Scott Carter advises homeowners to choose a product that has received positive reviews from independent sources, such as Consumer Reports or Better Business Bureau. This way, homeowners will not be tricked into purchasing low-quality products because they are cheap and easy to install.

“Protecting your gutters is important because it can extend its life and save you a lot of time and money,” Scott Carter said. “But if you want to make sure that the gutter protector you’ll be getting is worth every penny, choose one that has been proven safe and efficient through independent sources.”