Republicans are nonetheless attempting to excuse Donald Trump’s lethal mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. As such, they’ve fixated on the “lab leak” principle of the virus—that the Chinese language both deliberately or accidentally released the virus from a lab in Wuhan.

Lindsey Graham: If Trump was proper in regards to the lab leak, it could change the picture the general public had of President Trump concerning the Coronavirus

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 9, 2021

Keep in mind, nothing is ever Trump’s fault. It was the media’s fault. It was the Democrats’ fault. And now, it’s China’s fault. If solely China hadn’t leaked that virus, folks wouldn’t have turned in opposition to Trump. Or, so Lindsey Graham and MAGA nation believes. 

Besides, distressingly sufficient, the pandemic didn’t a lot change any minds about Trump, and, even when the lab leak (conspiracy?) principle is true, it could paint Trump in even a worse gentle:

It’s one factor to be unprepared for an unexpected pure catastrophe. It’s one other to be attacked by a international adversary and fail to guard our nation. In different phrases, if Graham and Trump are true, then Trump didn’t maintain us secure

It’s clear that public notion about Trump was baked in from the beginning, and nothing was going to shake it. Somebody as polarizing as Trump made positive of that—his defenders have been by no means going to desert him, his detractors (us!) have been by no means going to just accept him. Simply take a look at his favorability scores throughout his presidency: 

After Election Day 2016, his numbers floated between net-unfavorable ranking of minus-10 to minus-14. That’s a mere 4-point max swing by 4 years of presidenting. In different phrases, folks have been locked in. Even now, throughout his continued efforts to subvert democracy, he’s simply at -15 web unfavorable, a single level off his presidential tenure. 

What’s notable about these numbers is that Trump’s incompetence actually value us half 1,000,000 useless, and but his numbers by no means budged past that slight float, which could possibly be defined as easy statistical noise. Trump’s lethal pandemic mismanagement confirmed the worst fears of critics like us, so we continued to view him unfavorably. However for these already supporting him? Nothing would ever budge them. Not even a whole lot of 1000’s of useless People

So again to Lindsey Graham, who’s claiming that “If Trump was proper in regards to the lab leak, it could change the picture the general public had of President Trump concerning the Coronavirus.” 

Trump’s public’s picture by no means wavered, earlier than or after the pandemic. The MAGA idiots nonetheless see him as innocent for our nation’s mass-death expertise, and everybody else realizes that the man who claimed, each day, that COVID would disappear inside days and needed us to inject Clorox and shove a UV gentle up our butts … nicely, that man was nothing however a menace. By Trump’s personal low requirements, he was a catastrophe. Keep in mind when he stated “if we might maintain [deaths] down, as we’re saying, to 100,000 – it’s a horrible quantity, possibly even much less, however to 100,000, so we now have between 100 [thousand] and 200,000 – we altogether have achieved an excellent job”?

However Trump supporters don’t maintain Trump to his personal requirements. Neither does Trump. He assumes everybody will overlook the silly shit he says and transfer on, and he’s not unsuitable. It’s precisely what occurs. 

However there’s one other subtext to Graham’s quote that’s much more ridiculous: that if the Chinese language did, in truth, launch that virus (whether or not on function or by accident), then Trump is absolved of all blame! How good and handy would that be? 

 Besides, how does that work? 

Do they actually suppose that Trump could possibly be blamed for his pandemic response if it was an unexpected pure catastrophe, however he will get a go if it was the results of one other nation’s actions? How does that logic work? 

If China was at fault for the pandemic, then Trump failed his primary job as president: to maintain this nation secure from international adversaries. All he needed to do to counter the risk (irrespective of its supply) was to put on a goddam masks, and he couldn’t even handle that! 

Regardless of the supply of the virus, American public opinion about Donald Trump is baked in and immovable. Nobody’s minds will change, as a result of nobody’s minds have modified. 

But when it was actually China’s fault, the Trump failed his most simple duty, to guard our nation from exterior threats.